Sunday, 10 December 2017

Restaurant Day

We had such a marvellous time with our restaurant. We invited all our buddies from Room 11. We worked hard and remembered to wash our hands a lot. It was a beautiful day for an outdoors restaurant!

Thank you to Kalana's mum and aunty (Jontelle and Moana) for coming to help us. It was much appreciated.

We had a lot to do

Folding napkins beautifully

Washing strawberries and checking them for bruises

Taking all the grapes off the stalks

Putting up our signs that we painted on Thursday

Three flavours of chips all ready to go

M & Ms for dessert

Making mini fruit kebabs

Cheese and crackers

Fresh popcorn too

Even more fruit kebabs!

Aiza waiting on her buddy

Some lucky buddies had an activity on the back of their menus

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Creative Constructions

On the last Wednesday of term, we used lots of recyclable materials to make any creations we wanted to. All the tamariki showed plenty of creativity and perseverance, and there was a lot of teamwork all day. Ka pai ō koutou mahi!


After weeks of learning about fractions through the wonders of Pizza Maths, we rewarded ourselves by making real pizzas with our buddy class, Room 11. Ronaq's mum Kriss came to help us (thank you Kriss!) and we all had a delicious lunch together.

Gymnastics Trip

In Week 8, Room 5 went to Tri-Star Gym in Mt Roskill with Whaea Rhoda, and had a marvellous time! All tamariki had been working hard on their gymnastics skills in the lead-up to this trip.